Hello there! I'm Lauren, a Graphic Designer that focuses on designing the most effective user experiences and interfaces...with coffee.

Fresh Interfaces: Creating Interfaces is just one aspect of an affective website. I strive to create an effective interface by putting the user experience above anything else.
Brand Focused: Not just a logo, a brand defines a purpose. Every piece of design work has a brand, giving the work definition and clarity. Essentially the brand, being the solution to the problem.
Conception: The core of any project, the concept gives design direction. What all the hours of research, sketching, planning evolves into portraying the concept visually, and leaving impact. Take a gander at some of my deepest thoughts, wonderments, inspirations, or upcoming projects.

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Yahoo! Home Page Redesign

Yahoo! recently rolled out a much needed update to their UI and UX. Being such a large, in-depth site I can only image how much of a challenge it is to simply and effectively layout […]


Web and Mobile Trends of 2013 Poster

After reading “2013 Trends Web and Mobile” by Awwwards.com I wanted to create an informational poster summarizing the strongest points. This digital book is filled with interviews with some of the most important web developers, […]


Map of Manhattan

The city of New York has always fascinated me through the architecture, mass, and culture. Having 1/2 of my family in New York has aloud me to visit multiple times in my life. I’ve seen […]